Obtained an AINed Personal Fellowship Grant!

Radiomics and pathology join forces through AI for Integrated Diagnostics (AIID)


Through advances in artificial intelligence (AI), medical imaging has gained an increasingly important role in precision medicine. AI methods are being used both in radiology (“radiomics”) and pathology (“pathomics”) to develop prediction models that are at the basis of more precise and personalized clinical decision making. While radiomics and pathomics models often have similar goals and contain complementary information, these research fields are largely separated. Moreover, despite major advancements in these fields, implementation in real-world clinical practice remains limited. The aim of the AI for Integrated Diagnostics (AIID) research line is to join forces of radiomics and pathomics to create trustworthy models to aid clinicians in decision making. Read more on the project page or the news article on the grant.

Martijn P. A. Starmans
Martijn P. A. Starmans
Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence for Integrated Diagnostics (AIID) focused on Medical Imaging in Oncology

My research interests include radiomics, pathomics, meta-learning, and AutoML.